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  • Finfloor Style

    This range is the narrow stylish format of FINfloor. Planks of 13 cm width and 130 cm long are presented in over 30 single plank designs. All STYLE range is available both with 4 sided V groove or without. Achieve more original and more attractive environments with FINfloor STYLE.

    • Class 33
    • espesor de 8mm
    • AC5
    • Protect Plus
    • Protección Antiestatica
    • resistencia al fuego
    • Horizontal installation. FINfloor allows installation without need to lift the boards at an angle (angle-snap fitting), wich makes the fitting of the final boards of an installation much easier. Manufactured using technology protected by EP 0 843 763 and US 6 006 486.
      Sealed joints. The paraffin covering the entire profile protects your floor against humidity. Moreover, this edge sealing also serves to reduce the unpleasant noise produced by friction. The use of a moisture-resistant support provides greater dimensional stability to the entire set.
      AC5. A higher number, higher abrasion resistance. Classification of resistance to abrasion (as EN 13329).
      FINfloor has a high resistance through its moisture* technology HYDRO PROTECT: - High density wood fiber support, made with special resins that provide improved dimensional stability. - Sealing of edges. The perimeter of each plank has been coated with paraffin to protect the penetration of moisture. - High precision and resistance glueless click system, preventing from leakings. (*) FINfloor is not suitable for outdoor installation, or any other environment with a high level of humidity such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.
      Bfl s1 Reaction to fire. Bfl s1 Reaction to fire. According to EN 14041 / EN 13501.
      8 mm
      ESD Protection. A special treatment reduces static electricity discharges uncomfortable. Highly recommended for shops and offices. Thanks to its innovative technology, minimizing one of the drawbacks common to many floorings. Classified antistatic <2KV according to EN1815.
      Use level. Doméstico Intenso, Comercial Intenso
  • Warranty More information

    - 20 years guarantee for domestic use.

    - 10 years guarantee for commercial use (except V-Grooved products)

    - 5 years guarantee for commercial use in V-Grooved products.

    - 3 years guarantee for domestic use when fitted in kitchens, wetrooms or bathrooms (except V-Grooved products).



    • Textures:
    • Nature

      Nature.-Fine and elegant pore finish which along with a medium-high brightness level, can reproduce the efect of a newly varnished wood giving a light texture and soft touch.

    • Options bevel:
    • Bisel 0
    • Bisel 4
    • Tones:
    • Medium ton

    • No. tables:
    • icono sellado juntas

      PLANK 1

    • Rustic:
    • Nature rich:
  • Complement code+: COMPL-F005

Logistics data

  • Size: 1310x132
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Surface: 1.73 m2
  • Pieces per box: 10
  • Boxes/Palette: 55
  • Surface of the pallet: 95.11 m2
  • Box weight: 12.5 Kg

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